CEOS Space Data Strategy for GFOI

The CEOS Space Data Strategy for GFOI was endorsed at the 2011 CEOS Plenary.

The strategy addresses both:

  • the sustained global observations required in support of the GFOI as it evolves in the coming years in support of policy developments;
  • the science questions in support of the evolution of the GFOI Methods and Guidance Document and challenges such as data interoperability.

Strategy Documents

There are three elements to the CEOS data strategy:

  1. A baseline, coordinated global data acquisition strategy involving a number of ‘core data streams’ that can be used free-of-charge for GFOI purposes. This involves systematic and sustained wall-to-wall acquisitions of forested areas globally (repeated on timescales consistent with national reporting commitments and requirements of national forest monitoring systems) and providing the default forest observations data for all countries.
  2. A coordinated strategy for national data acquisitions in response to national needs assessments undertaken in the course of GFOI implementation – to accommodate countries that have specific technical requirements, or heritage and experience on working with a particular data source or type, as well as the numerous intergovernmental arrangements that may exist or emerge for the supply of certain data to one or more countries. This involves a wider range of satellite data sources, including data that is ordinarily provided on a commercial basis.
  3. Data supply in support of GFOI R&D activities, including in support of: the science studies required to progress R&D priority topics for GFOI to operational status and assisting the development and evolution of the GFOI Methods and Guidance Document; typically also involving a wider range of satellite missions beyond the ‘core data streams’, some of which are provided commercially and beyond the scope of CEOS agency responsibility.​

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Element One – Baseline, Coordinated Global Data Acquisition Strategy

Early effort has focused on the first element – being the coordination necessary to guarantee every country the space data required for wall-to-wall reporting on an annual basis, and to signal to policymakers than space data availability need be no obstacle to the inclusion of forest carbon in a post-Kyoto treaty or in related market mechanisms. The GFOI Core Satellite Data Streams which CEOS agencies will apply to this global coverage challenge are:

  • the Landsat series (optical data, USGS);
  • the Sentinel-1 series (C-band radar data, ESA/EC);
  • the Sentinel-2 series (optical data, ESA/EC);
  • the CBERS series (optical data, INPE/CRESDA);
  • the SAOCOM-1 series (L-band SAR, CONAE/ASI);
  • Radarsat Constellation Mission (C-band radar data, CSA).

MODIS Composite of Colombia

Space Data Services Brochure

This document introduces the GFOI Space Data Services – a selection of services that provide a case-by-case response to a country’s satellite data needs, which are not always adequately covered by the baseline strategy, and which take into account national needs as well as existing/planned capacities and relationships.

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