Brisbane, Australia – February 24-26, 2015

Expert workshop on remote sensing approaches for vegetation biomass estimation

Organized by:

Global Forest Observation Initiative

GOFC-GOLD Land Cover Project Office
Ad-hoc Biomass Working Group
Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network of Australia

Workshop objectives: 

  • Present and share experiences on different methods for estimating biomass at multiple scales and for different land cover types, via integration of earth observations (SAR, LiDAR, optical), ground-based surveys and models;
  • Identify important gaps and obstacles currently preventing operational biomass estimation and discuss opportunities for future improvements;
  • Assess the evolving needs from the international level for synoptic, wall-to-wall biomass dynamics data;
  • Assess current efforts and methods into ground-based measurement of biomass, as well as data availability for use in e.g., validation of integrated wide-area biomass maps;
  • Develop and action plan to progress promising methods to pre-operational/operational status, and possible future inclusion in the GFOI MGD.

Workshop programme:

The workshop agenda can be downloaded here.