Woods Hole Research Centre, USA – 10-11 June 2014

Expert workshop on approaches to sensor interoperability and complementarity for forestry applications

Organized by:

Global Forest Observations Initiative

Woods Hole Research Centre

Workshop objectives:

  • Assessment of existing approaches to sensor synergy, i.e., interoperability and complementarity (for forestry);
  • Identification of obstacles to operational (widespread) use;
  • Development of action plan to progress development;
  • Input/recommendations to CEOS SDCG strategy for R&D (Element 3)

Workshop programme:

The full report of the workshop can be downloaded here.

A summary of the approaches to sensor synergy is given here.

Presentations: Introduction and Background

GFOI R&D Expert Workshop on Sensor interoperability and sensor complementarity: Workshop objectves

A.  Rosenqvist (soloEO)

GFOI Introduction

S. Eggleston (GFOI)

The GFOI Review of Priority R&D Topics R&D related to the use of Remote Sensing in National Forest Monitoring

A. Mitchell (UNSW), A. Rosenqvist (soloEO), A. Held (CSIRO), S. Jørgensen (NCG), E. Næsset (UMB), R. McRoberts (USFS), S. Eggleston (GFOI)

GFOI Space Data Coordination

A. Rosenqvist (soloEO)

Presentations: Approaches to Sensor Interoperability/Complementarity

Exploring the limits of Landsat for tropical forest monitoring: Implications for sensor fusion requirements.

C. Holden, P. Olofsson, C. Woodcock, (Boston University), J. Kellndorfer, O. Cartus, (Woods Hole Research Center)

A Canadian perspective on sensor interoperability and complementarity for national forest assessment and monitoring

A. Beaudoin, M. Wulder and many CFS contributors (Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service), Y. Crevier (Canadian Space Agency)

SAR-Optical and SAR-SAR interoperability for forest cover mapping in Tasmania

A. Mitchell, I. Tapley, A. Milne, M. Williams, K. Lowell, (CRC-SI), E. Lehmann, Z-S, Zhou, P. Caccetta, A. Held, (CSIRO), Partners: DCCEE, Forestry Tasmania

SAR – optical complementarity and interoperability within Australia’s operational forest monitoring framework

E. A. Lehmann (CSIRO), P. Caccetta, Z.-S. Zhou, A. Held (CSIRO), K. Lowell, A. Mitchell, T. Milne, I. Tapley (CRC-SI)

Approaches to sensor interoperability in the frame of NFMS

Edersson Cabrera M. (IDEAM)

ALOS PALSAR 50 m global mosaic data

A. Rosenqvist, (soloEO for JAXA EORC)

Sensor interoperability, complementarity, and the temporal component

F. Holecz

Integration of Spaceborne Sensors for Forest Biomass and Structural Retrieval, Australia

R. Lucas, (UNSW), J. Armston, P. Scarth, (DSITIA/JRSRP), P. Bunting, (Aberystwyth University), D. Clewley (University of Southern California)

Approaches and results of sensor interoperability and complementarity in forest monitoring

T. Häme, (VTT, Finland)

Combining Landsat and SAR imagery for forest change detection in the tropics

J. Reiche, D Hoekman, V. De Sy & M. Herold, (Wageningen University)

Time Series Fusion of Optical and Radar Imagery for Improved Monitoring of Activity Data, and Uncertainty Analysis of Emission Factors for Estimation of Forest Carbon Flux

J. Kellndorfer (WHRC), C. Woodcock (Boston University), R. Houghton, (WHRC), P. Olofsson, (Boston University), O. Cartus, (WHRC), C. Holden, (Boston University). Collaborators: MINAM (Peru), IDEAM (Colombia), CONABIO (Mexico)