New guidance on Forest Reference Emission Levels and Forest Reference Levels

MGD authors have published a rapid response module on Forest Reference Emissions Levels / Forest Reference Levels (FREL/FRL). This module extends the advice on technical issues associated with FREL/FRLs provided in sections 1.1 to 1.4 and section 5 of version 1 of the MGD and specifically addresses methodological issues associated with the construction of FREL/FRL benchmarks for assessing Parties’ performances in implementing REDD+ activities, including discussing the meaning of technical terms used in COP decisions.

The module can be downloaded here.

Methods and Guidance Modules

GFOI is producing a series of modules to support users of the Methods and Guidance Document by providing timely updates on current themes. So far three modules have been published. These cover the relationship between the MGD and the GOFC-GOLD sourcebook (June 2014), the use of global datasets in national forest monitoring, such as those published by Global Forest Watch (March 2015); and forest reference emission levels and forest reference levels (July 2015). Like the MGD itself, all these modules are designed to be consistent with IPCC greenhouse gas inventory methods and decisions of the UNFCCC Conference of Parties on REDD+ and to provide operational advice on how to develop emissions and removals estimates associated with REDD+ activities including on the meaning of technical terms. The first three modules are available here.

First GFOI Forest Monitoring Workshop in Africa

A workshop on Data Interoperability for Forest Monitoring was held in Douala, Cameroon June2-6, 2014. This first regional technical GFOI-SilvaCarbon workshop on forest monitoring had the overall aim of supporting participating countries to continue to develop their data plans for country needs in the context of REDD+. Different data sets were presented and the use of different remote sensing data and their interoperability to create biomass estimations was discussed.

COMIFAC, the regional Forestry Commission for Central Africa, has a mandate to coordinate and harmonize forest interventions across the Congo Basin, including forest carbon measurement and monitoring. As such, in collaboration with GFOI and SilvaCarbon, COMIFAC is well placed to co-host the first GFOI-SilvaCarbon regional workshop in the sub-region, expanding the capacity building exercise to all COMIFAC member countries.

Details can be found here.

GFOI SE Asia Capacity Building

The first regional technical GFOI workshop on forest monitoring in Southeast Asia was successfully held in Chiangmai, Thailand on January 27 to 30, 2014. The overall aim was to support participating countries in developing data plans for their country needs in the context of REDD+. It is the first in a series SE Asian Workshops. More details can be found here.