New study: Lessons learned from REDD+ evaluations

GFOI is pleased to release this new study ‘Lessons learned for REDD+ from evaluations of GHG  statements’. 

Authored by Till Neeff and Donna Lee, with contributions from GFOI partners, this study is a comparative analysis of the ways in which GHG statements are evaluated.

In recent years, many developing countries have made strong progress in the development of their National Forest Monitoring Systems (NFMS) and associated capabilities for greenhouse gas (GHG) measurement and reporting, but knowledge of verification produces remains relatively quite low. This is likely because, to date, many countries have been focused on REDD+ readiness and implementation of REDD+ strategies and action plans. However, some countries are starting to move towards reporting their emissions reduction results, increasing the relevance of knowledge building on this topic.

An increased understanding of GHG evaluations presents a unique opportunity for targeted capacity building where evaluations can serve as the basis for identifying data gaps, defining training needs and improving national processes. Evaluation processes can also connect closely to continuous improvement plans and become a core pillar in further developing MRV capacities.

We hope that this study will help to improve the understanding of GHG evaluations which in turn can help to improve measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) procedures as a whole.

We thank the lead authors for their work in driving this study and express our gratitude to the many partners who have made valued contributions and supported the report’s design and execution.

Finally, we note this report represents the views of the authors only. It is intended to help fill the knowledge gap of GHG evaluations for the benefit of GFOI’s developing country and other international partners alike. It does not necessarily represent the views of all GFOI partners.

Check it out here.

Happy reading!