GFOI Plenary 2017: Presentations

Thank you for joining the GFOI Plenary 2017 in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam.

It was a great week with lively discussions, interesting presentations, exciting demonstrations and of course a talented musical performance! We had well over 100 participants from more than 30 different countries all sharing their ideas, expertise and experiences in forest monitoring and MRV.

Minutes from the plenary and summaries from the breakout sessions are available here, and copies of the presentations from the Open Forum sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday are now available for download below.

Tuesday 11 April 2017

  • Welcome

Anthony Bennie – Chair, GFOI Leads Group – download presentation

  • REDD+ Update

Maria Sanz Sanchez – download presentation

  • GFOI Successes and Opportunities

Jim Baker – GFOI Reviwer – download presentation

  • GFOI’s Methods and Guidance Documentation Component

Carly Green – MGD Component Manager – download presentation

  • GFOI’s Capacity  Building Component

Sasha Gottlieb – SilvaCarbon – download presentation

Inge Jonckheere – UNREDD – download presentation

  • GFOI’s Space Data Component

Frank Martin Seinfert – SDCG Co-Chair, ESA – download presentation

  • GFOI’s R&D Coordination Component

Martin Herold – R&D Coordination Component Manager – download presentation

  • Training the Trainer workshop series

Rama Chandra Reddy – Senior Carbon Finance Specialist World Bank, FCPF – download presentation

Wednesday 12 April 2017

  • IPCC: 2019 Refinement of the 2006 IPCC Guidelines

Andrej Kranjc – IPCC – download presentation

Sekai Ngarize – IPCC – download presentation

  • Country FREL presentations

Nguyen Dinh Hung – Vietnam – download presentation

Edersson Cabrera – Columbia – download presentation

Budiharto – Indonesia – download presentation