Capacity Building

The fundamental objective of GFOI is to help nations develop a capacity to utilise Earth Observation data in a credible national forest monitoring system that can provide input to national MRV systems for GHG emissions and removals in IPCC-compliant reporting to the UNFCCC, REDD+ and future carbon markets.

The GFOI capacity building effort will complement the REDD+ readiness activities of the UN and World Bank and will focus on:

  • support for the acquisition, installation and operation of technical hardware/software for processing of satellite, in situ and airborne forest and forest-related data;
  • country-specific training in the selection, assessment, use and combination of different types of data for forest and carbon accounting, including model development;
  • global and regional workshops/meetings such as those arranged for the National Demonstrators;
  • training courses in selected issues.

Efforts to date have included a series of focussed workshops organised and funded by US Silvacarbon and supported by Australia and Norway. Australia has its own focused programme with Indonesia for the development of national capacity, as does Norway with Tanzania.

US Silvacarbon plans an additional six workshops in the 2013/14 timeframe in the Americas, with expansion into Asia and possibly Africa at similar levels during this timeframe. See work plan.

GFOI seeks to engage all countries with ambitions for the development of national forest monitoring systems and to support their application of observations required for their formal reporting into frameworks such as UNFCCC, through provision of the satellite data, methods and guidance documentation and capacity building activities.

SilvaCarbon and FAO are the Co-Leads responsible for the Capacity Building component of GFOI.


GFOI Capacity Building Work Plan



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