The GFOI Concept Phase Report was prepared during 2010 and submitted to the 2010 GEO Plenary. This report states the mission of the GEO Global Forest Observations Initiative (GFOI) and describes the framework in which the Initiative will be planned and developed, in order to meet the forest monitoring needs of a broad user community. It recalls the key activities of the GEO FCT task, together with their progress, and how these activities should be strengthened as they constitute the foundation of the GFOI. The report also dentifies the operating context envisaged for the GFOI itself and its main components and provides a summary description of the GFOI planning phase (2011) including organization, estimated resources and the final product, the GFOI Implementation Plan.

The GFOI Implementation Plan was prepared during 2011 and submitted to the 2011 GEO Plenary for approval. It defines the approach, schedule, resources and budget for realisation of the GFOI. This was adopted by the GEO Plenary. This is the guiding reference for implementation of the GFOI and has been employed by the GFOI Steering Committee.